Looks like Serco was the author of its own destruction

Prisoner-on-prisoner assaults have dropped dramatically since Corrections took back control of Mt Eden Prison from Serco, according to a new Newshub report.

Under Serco, Mt Eden Prison was the country’s worst-performing prison.

The prison had been hit with controversies like fight clubs, drug use, and bribing of guards, but under Corrections there has been a turn around.

According to numbers obtained from Corrections, prisoner-on-prisoner assaults have dropped 55 per cent since the take over, while less severe assaults have decreased by seven per cent.

Not that I would disagree with Serco’s position of standing back and letting the scrotes sort each other out, but it did end up giving Labour an easy win. ??

Corrections has added 84 beds at Mt Eden, while staff numbers are up 17 per cent.

However, inmate assaults on staff remain static, while low level assaults are up 50 per cent.

“There is fighting on a daily basis in that particular prison,” northern regional commissioner for corrections Jeanette Burns told Newshub.

However she says “there is absolutely no evidence that there are organised fight clubs”.

One issue Corrections admits there is an ongoing battle with is gang affiliations in prisons.

Burns said they are responsible for the majority of the fighting inside prison.

Voters don’t care about prisoners. ?They don’t care if they get hurt. ?They don’t care if they take their own or each other’s lives. ?They don’t care if they issue their own kind of prison justice.

But for Serco to have succeeded, they needed to run the prison properly.

Looks like they simply weren’t up to the job.


– Newshub via NZN via Yahoo! News