How low can the MSM go?

The MSM have been relentless in their criticism of President Trump and his staff but have failed to find the scandal that they need to get rid of him. Their latest attempts quite frankly are scrapping the bottom of the barrel stuff.

Kellyanne Conway who is President Trump’s right-hand woman has been accused of kneeling on a couch. It is quite obvious to the average observer why she was photographed kneeling on the couch but that didn’t stop the media calling her “disrespectful” and people on twitter accusing her of having no class.

Kellyanne Conway, the senior adviser to President Donald Trump, has been accused of showing a lack of respect after she was photographed kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office.

Ms Conway… faced criticism on Monday for the way she was sitting during a photo op with the president and?leaders of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities.

Moments after taking a photo?herself, she was seen checking her phone, with her legs tucked beneath her on the sofa.

As for President Trump he has committed the cardinal sin of putting ketchup on his steak!

A number of liberal news outlets have dug up some true dirt on President Donald Trump ? dirt that just might sink him, if the veracity of their reports are to be believed.

According to Jezebel, The Don ordered his steak well done with ketchup on Saturday evening ? apparently a sign of his very alarming and unpresidential preference.

This news ? obtained by the Independent Journal Review through an undercover operation ? is so alarming, in fact, that hard-hitting journalism outfit The Huffington Post picked up the story as well, describing the President?s choice as ?disappointing.?

?We?ve long known that Trump likes his steak well done,? reads the piece, ?which according to experts in the food world is simply the wrong way to order meat. But eating it with ketchup just adds insult to injury.?

It?s not just news outlets ringing the alarm bell at what just might be Trump?s most daring move yet; Twitter has exploded with reaction and criticism as well.

Ex-President Obama, on the other hand, did things like this without anyone being upset.

His wife put her foot on the couch and no one cared.

Obama got foot massages in the oval office and no one blinked an eyelid.

Barack-Obama-foot-massage-oval-office ( picture of Hillary photoshopped)