Marama Davidson connects the European student clubs to bigotry, hate, Brexit and Trump


Yesterday we looked at the convoluted assumptions that both the MSM and anti-fascist groups make when they link one thing to another without any evidence. Yesterday it was the Pepe the frog cartoon that Winston Peters signed that the Media immediately linked to racism. They condemned Peters for signing it.

Now we have Green MP Marama Davidson making totally unfounded connections between European student clubs in New Zealand and unrelated issues like Brexit and President Trump. She also appears to not support?freedom of speech unless it is used to promote the culture that she supports. I have attempted to create a diagram to try to explain her convoluted thinking but first, here is the article.

Green MP Marama Davidson says freedom of speech should not be seen as a licence to promote prejudice and hate.

An organisation calling itself the European Students Association was refused permission to run a stall at the Auckland University orientaiton, but has shifted its activities across the road to AUT University.

Ms Davidson says such groups claim free speech in a way that demonstrates how some people’s free speech can be privileged over the rights of others.

It’s part of a trend of racism and bigotry.

“The international environment for it has come about because of things like Brexit, because of things like Trump being elected. I think it has also become more popular for people to be able to stand on their bigoted bigoted racist views,” she says.

Marama Davidson says people should have no hesitation in speaking out against racist groups.

European culture as we all know is as diverse as Asian culture as it encompasses people from many different countries and cultures.

According to K. Bachmann,?modern Europe’s culture is based on:

  • A common cultural and spiritual heritage derived from Greco-Roman antiquity, Christianity, the Renaissance and its Humanism, the political thinking of the Enlightenment, and the French Revolution, and the developments of Modernity, including all types of socialism;

  • A rich and dynamic material culture that has been extended to the other continents as the result of industrialization and colonialism during the “Great Divergence”;

  • A specific conception of the individual expressed by the existence of, and respect for, a legality that guarantees human rights and the liberty of the individual;

  • A plurality of states with different political orders, which are feeding each other with new ideas;

  • Respect for peoples, states and nations outside Europe.


It is quite difficult to try to imagine the thought processes of someone who can link Brexit and President Trump to the creation of two New Zealand student European culture groups and hate and bigotry but I will try. I pulled out some paper and coloured markers and made some illogical leaps in order to come to Davidson’s conclusion that two NZ European student clubs have come about because of the international environment created by both Brexit and President Trump.


Ironically the Maori Party and some Maori, hanker for ?Tino rangatiratanga which?means absolute sovereignty for the ” Maori nation.” Is Maori Nationalism and Maori Pride racist or bigoted? Why is it that white?skinned people and those who want to celebrate European culture are smeared as being bigoted and racist for being proud of their culture and for being Nationalistic but Maori are not. Perhaps Marama Davidson can draw me a diagram to explain this inconsistency.