The media has killed any kind of sensible discussion

We all know that 1Law4All is a group of people that are looking to remove any kind of mention of the Treaty in law. ? It posits that there are two classes of people in New Zealand: ?Maori, and non-Maori. ?And it is fairly hard to argue with that as we have a separate electoral roll, separate education and a slow push towards a separate legal system.

How this is Apartheid in South Africa, but natural justice and common sense in New Zealand is hard to explain.

So wanting a country with laws that apply to everyone equally, what sort of person would want that? ?Well, if you’re Kim Vinnel, the journo who wrote the opening sentence…

A political movement labelled by some as driven by extreme right-wing racism is upping the ante ahead of this year’s election.

A flyer drop promoting both an anti-separatist book and the 1Law4All Party has angered one Labour candidate…

Wanting a single law for all citizens is now?extreme right-wing racism.

Seriously, we have run out of words that make any sense.

So basically, when the indigenous people want one law for all it is just fine. ?If white people want one law for all it is extreme right-wing racism.

How did we even get here?

Trump is Hitler.

I am an extreme-right-wing-National-party-hate-blogger.

Why is any of this sticking?

Because the?media are happy to repeat it over and over again.

In doing so, they have left no room for someone more terrible than Trump, or me, or God forbid, someone who wants one law for the whole country.

We have now arrived at at a point where “extreme right wing” means anyone that does not agree with the left and the media.

The media are struggling so much in trying to emphasise that something is ‘worse’ than Hitler, ‘worse’ than extreme right wing, that they had to invent a new term for it: ?alt-Right.

Alt-Right is now the dirty word for someone who doesn’t agree with you, who we have labelled as Hitler, racists, sexists, and so on, and so on, but it hasn’t helped, so we need another term…

I would like to ask Kim Vinnell where she places?actual neo-Nazis, people who are proud nationalists, people who believe immigration isn’t good for New Zealand, ACT voters and Conservative Party supporters on the media’s scale of “extreme right-wing” anything?

Also Kim, 1Law4All is not a “political movement”. ?It is a campaign. ? It does not have candidates, it does not run for parliament. ?It merely seeks to influence anyone, with any kind of political view, to consider that 1Law4All is needed for the long term health of our democracy.

I would ask for sensible language, but I know you are now part of the machine. ?It’s no longer reporting, it is twisting meaning and driving a point. ? No matter what we do, no matter what we say, and all that.

The media has stuffed up western civilisation. ?And they are seriously considering all those “Hitlers” and “extreme right wing” people like Trump, Hanson, Wilders, le Pen etc. ?Governments in Europe are starting to read the tea leaves that the great media/liberal experiment is coming to an end, but the media is not reporting it – it is trying to prevent it from happening.

Your turn will come.