Meet Sam, he can lay 3000 bricks in a day without smokos or lunch breaks

Unions eventually push too far. Liberal panty-waists push too far as well.

This is where you end up when the minimum wage, stupid health and safety laws and the living wage kick in…ingenuity solves all the problems with a robot.

A robot that can lay bricks six times faster than a builder is set to arrive on building sites in the UK within two years after already starting work in the US.

The Semi-Automated Mason, nicknamed Sam, can lay 3,000 bricks a day, while a builder’s average is 500.

Experts have spoken out against the robot’s arrival and have claimed that the auto-builders could put the jobs of thousands of bricklayers at risk.

Boo hoo. Either match the robots speed or find another job.

Sam was built by the New York-based company Construction Robotics.

The robot is made up of a conveyor belt, a robotic arm and a concrete pump.

A builder is needed to load the robot up with bricks.

The machine’s nozzle covers a brick in concrete before the robotic arm puts it in place.

A second builder is then needed to to smooth over the concrete before the robot places more bricks.

The robots have already started work on construction sites in the US.

But experts are worried that the bricklaying robots could make the jobs of thousands of UK builders redundant.

‘Robots will soon be on construction sites doing jobs that humans do, but faster,’?Richard Valentine-Selsey, a construction consultant, told the Times.

Robots can’t be injured, don’t get sick, don’t need breaks, or lunch, or portable toilets or safety gear…what’s not to like.

Even passing women are catered for as a robot can’t wolf-whistle.

?- Daily Mail