Men and rape culture. No matter what you do, you’re guilty of it

Rape culture is when female students tell us that sexual harassment and assault are everyday occurrences for them – and we do nothing about it.

Courageous and articulate young women from Wellington schools have over the past 10 days exposed the threats, insults and misogyny which are an integral part of their lives.

Sadly, we already knew this.

Courageous and articulate young women from Auckland schools told us exactly the same things in 2013, when the actions of the boys responsible for Roastbusters were publicised.

Unfortunately, we didn’t care enough to put an end to this behaviour by boys.

If we really cared about sexual violence we would:

Young men learn their attitudes to women and to rape from older men.

Hundreds of thousands of New Zealand men each spend thousands of hours of their lives on rugby.

More than 99 percent of those men don’t spend five minutes of their lives acting to stop sexual violence.

It’s past time for them to step up.

Catriona MacLennan is a barrister, journalist, author and media commentator, who has practised law in areas including family and domestic violence.

I’m going to leave the commentary to you on this one.

But I for one strongly object to being included in this amorphous group of men Catriona believes exists out there.


-?Catriona MacLennan, RNZ