The MSM’s biggest enemy is now their biggest saviour

The mainstream media went all in at the last US Presidential election showing unprecedented bias in favour of Hillary Clinton and demonising Donald Trump.

Trump won, of course, and the mainstream media doubled down on their hate.

They may loathe Donald Trump but right now he is their saviour…literally.

Who’d have thunk Donald Trump, king of social media, might be a saviour for old-fashioned media ? you know, the likes of the “phony”, “fake” and “failing” New York Times?

What industry analysts call a “Trump bump” is turbo-charging new digital subscriptions and even sales of quaint old print editions for dozens of publishing houses, along with a surge in some of their share prices. ?

In February, online subscriptions for the Times crashed through the 3?million mark and in coming weeks it anticipates another historical milestone ? an unprecedented half million hike in subscriptions in just six months. Since the election, there have been days when the Times signed as many as 10,000 new subscribers.

The Times‘ rival, The Washington Post, is going gangbusters too. In November 2016, the election month, the Post figured that a rush of new subscriptions was a peak from which it would inevitably slide. But January saw another surge, which amounted to a year-on-year double-digit rise in subscription revenue and a 75 percent increase in new subscribers.

The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times are piling on new readers and things are looking up at The Boston Globe too ? in just the first six weeks of 2017 it signed up almost half as many new digital subscribers as it did in all of 2016.

It’s not just the old-guard princes of daily print that are surging.

Despite throwing up a paywall in 2014, The New Yorker magazine enjoyed a first-year online bump of 85 per cent. And the election gave it another solid spurt ? from the election to the end of January it signed up 250,000 new subscribers, a 230 per cent lift on the same period a year earlier, to give it a combined print and online circulation of 1.1 million.

The Atlantic is charging ahead too, doubling its rate of new online subscriptions in November-December. Print sales for The Atlantic are up too ? by 15 per cent on last year, which included a 40,000-issue second print run of the January issue to meet unexpected demand at newsstands.

The magazine set an online record in January and promptly smashed it in February when it clocked up 33.6 million unique visitors for the month.

Vanity Fair is laughing too. Trump’s tweeted attacks on the monthly magazine have been as merciless as those he has fired at the Times, like this in mid-December: “Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine? Way down, big trouble, dead! [Editor] Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out!”

Trump was presumed to be striking back at the magazine’s withering review of Trump Grill, the restaurant in his Manhattan tower. Instead, almost a million readers clicked the review in the weeks after the review and subscriptions increased a hundredfold.

You’d think they’d be appreciative, but no.

The proof will be in a year’s time to see if they have retained their customers.

I doubt the same is happening here in NZ. The NZ Herald seems intent on becoming a shitty little tabloid site filled with life and style rubbish and burying hard news in amongst criminal friendly articles and anti-government rhetoric. Interspersed with all that we get columnists who know three-fifths of five-eighths of stuff all and like telling us about it.

But hey, you’ve seen how they are doing it in the US, perhaps you might like to assist by subscribing to our ad-free model.