UK girl slut-shamed by fundamentalist Muslims: feminists and MSM say nothing

This news story helps answer the question why so few Muslim children fully assimilate into the Western culture into which they are born and raised. It is the sad tale of a Muslim girl who was filmed twerking like Miley Cyrus while wearing her headscarf. What happened next is a cautionary tale for any Muslim teenager who thinks that they can safely?assimilate?into Western society.

A Muslim girl wearing a headscarf was filmed dancing in the streets of Birmingham, U.K.?twerking, in fact?and the smartphone video soon went viral, viewed over a million times. Ironically, it was popularized in no small part by outraged Muslim men

The fundamentalist Muslim backlash directed at this anonymous 17-year-old girl?s innocuous behavior was instant, personal, and severe. Amid threats in comment threads such as, ?Fu**ing sl*t someone give me her address I will kill her,? and ?Stupid b**ch needs to be killed,? the young girl issued a tearful, pitiful public apology that was broadcast by a pair of fundamentalist roving-fatwa YouTubers as a ?repentance? to placate the frothing Islamist mob.

Now I am no fan of twerking and think that Miley Cyrus is not exactly a great role model for young women but we were all young once. It was just a harmless bit of fun (or at least it should have been a harmless bit of fun) but when you add intolerance to the mix things can get out of hand real fast.

Two days later the world celebrated International Women?s Day. But amid a plethora of ?feminist? pronouncements, including denunciations of transgender women, Emma Watson?s breasts, and even ?Zionism,? not one major feminist organization or mainstream media outlet touched on what had just transpired.

A British Muslim girl was publicly slut-shamed, witch-hunted, and threatened until she totally submitted to the diktats of fundamentalist British-Muslim men, and the incident went barely noticed by our British left. This is despite the fact the brazen persecution was carried out unashamedly and unapologetically for all to witness by a pair of social media cretins.

The incident centered around the page of a quasi-literate fundamentalist British Muslim street preacher named Ali Da?wah (which somewhat unoriginally means: Ali Preaching) and his Penfold-like sidekick, Musa.

Unlike certain intersectional feminists who seem to have forgotten what it is that they are meant to be fighting for, Ali Da?wah makes no secret of his disdain for women

Upon seeing the video in question, by their own admission Ali and Musa reacted angrily and moved publicly to ?correct? the girl. They posted an image of her dancing, and separately recorded a rant about why such behavior is totally unacceptable for Muslims. Many other Muslims on their page soon pointed out how this only helped the ?offending? video to go viral. Death threats against the petrified teenager soon followed.

Undeterred, the pair got in touch with the family of the 17-year-old girl and decided to record and publish her ?repentance,? to ward off the threats. Just before the terrified girl was put on, the pair of medievalists can be heard ruminating on how her dance was ?really inappropriate? as Ali continued, ?We was really upset to be honest, and I?m sure a lot of you guys was upset as well? a lot of us hate seeing certain things done by practicing-looking individuals.?

Not to be outdone, Musa then added, ?It was very, very hard to comprehend what someone could be going through to be doing something like that while wearing the hijab.?

In what can only be described as religious mania, he then mentioned victims of suicide and rape while adding ?which we can understand and advise about, but with this [dancing] we were even speechless.?

Probably ready to say anything for all this to just go away, the poor girl explained to the pair of numbskulls that she has suffered from depression since she was 13. Tragically, she then burst into tears.

At this point, Ali callously remarked: ?By God, this is the work of Satan…

Just in case his message hadn?t gotten through, Ali ended his video with some final remarks to his young Muslim audience, telling them music is ?like you?re on drugs? these filthy people in these songs, they don?t care about you and they?re causing harm, they talk about women like they?re whores??

Now that they had extracted their ?repentance? from her, and publicly aired her confession, the girl?s ?sin? was deemed in need of hiding?for shame. In a textbook case of gaslighting, the pair went on to blame others for still sharing news of the girl that they themselves had also initially posted. Their followers were then encouraged to report anyone still posting on the issue as harassment and bullying.

To say that I stand disgusted is an understatement.

No doubt the petrified girl will stand by her apology, and just wants the incident to go away. I understand that. And I fully expect her to maintain her ?repentance.? She will probably wish that I had not resurrected this issue by defending her right to dance as she likes, when she likes, and where she likes. But no. Before it all just goes away, we as liberals, as a society, and as her fellow human beings have a duty to at least acknowledge what has just happened: We just missed our first modern religious inquisition, initiated, conducted, and concluded solely through social media.

Our communities, Muslim or otherwise, must awaken to the predators of liberty that live among us. Similar to the now infamous ?sharia patrols,? British-Muslim religious-policing must not be tolerated. It is no coincidence that this incident unfolded in the English city of Birmingham. A tenth of all Britain?s jihadist terrorists hail from just five wards in that city.

And for the sake of British Muslim female victims of ?honor? killings, we must mark this moment, because the girl?s inquisitors appear utterly unable to comprehend why anyone would be so angered by their actions. They conclude their video inquisition by promising, ?It?s gonna happen in the future, another video might come up, obviously we have to go about it the right way, but if it?s going viral, we have to touch upon it.?

So untouchable do they feel as Muslim fundamentalists in modern Britain that they vow to do it again. Welcome to the United Kingdom, 2017.