National overjoyed at landlord conviction

If you need a current example of the National party championing the downtrodden?against everyday people, here’s one for you.

Building and Construction Minister Dr Nick Smith has welcomed the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment?s (MBIE) Tenancy Compliance and Investigations Team?s first successful prosecution of a landlord for renting a substandard property, under the Government?s tenancy law reform passed last year.

“This prosecution is significant in that it is the first time the Government has pursued a landlord for failing to provide a warm, dry, safe home. Last year?s tenancy reforms enabled the ministry to directly prosecute landlords rather than relying on tenants to take an action in the Tribunal. The law change also introduced a requirement for smoke alarms, home insulation by July 2019 and strengthened tenancy protection when taking Tribunal cases over substandard rentals,” Dr Smith says.

Manurewa landlord Satya Silan has been ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal to refund $15,840 in rent and pay $750 in exemplary damages for renting an unconsented garage as a home to a family with a young child.

“The strong message to landlords from this prosecution is that properties should not be tenanted unless they are warm, dry and safe. I also encourage councils, welfare groups, student associations and others to pass on to the new Tenancy Compliance and Investigations Team more cases of this sort, particularly those with vulnerable tenants.”

Vulnerable tenants my arse. ?When the choice is a nice dry and secure garage or living in a car, why on earth would the landlord be the fall guy here?

The tenant knew what they were moving into. ?They could have said no. ?Oh sure, they had no choice. ?Which made them … vulnerable. ? But the alternative was what?

Oh yes, stupid me. ?A motel paid for by the taxpayer.

Seriously, if you are a National party fan, and you think this is what core National party policy should look like, I think you’re as lost as the party itself.