We need more police. Right now

Police say they’re concerned over a rise in the number of dairy and petrol stations being targeted in robberies.

The “regular targeting” of stores that sell cigarettes had become a “real concern for police” in the past several months, national prevention manager Superindendent Eric Tibbott said.

“Police is concerned at any increase in crime, including robberies of service stations, dairies and other retailers,” he said.

“We know that cigarettes and tobacco have always been popular with thieves, and these small, high-value items are often targeted by criminals committing small business burglaries and robberies.”

The stolen items were often on-sold online or to family and friends, he said.

A number of service station and dairy robberies have made headlines in 2017, with a 17-year-old on Wednesday arrested over an incident at the Dannevirke Caltex last week.

Police this week also said they had also arrested 15 people over nine separate robberies of the same Christchurch dairy.

The 24-hour Night ‘n Day dairy in Woolston was robbed on six separate occasions between August and December last year and several more this year.

The two men accused of robbing the BP in Rolleston, one disguised in an animal onesie, have also been arrested.

Canterbury police said it was also concerned about a number of aggravated robberies of bars and hotels in Christchurch.

The Brickworks Bar in Cashmere was the target of a second robbery in two weeks on Wednesday night, after staff were held at gunpoint.

The scumbags know that the odds of being caught are very small. ?They swarm around and overwhelm the police and local communities.

In the mean time, business owners are assaulted, robbed and are facing problem where their insurance companies will no longer cover them.

Call the police, right? ? The police is not just an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, it’s one ambulance for 100 cliffs.

It is time business owners arm themselves. ?A shot through the gut and then one in the ceiling. ?Not a single jury would convict this person.

And once the lowlifes know that they’re going to have to get past a possible death, I don’t think the risk of getting some change and cigarettes is going to appear that appealing.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be disarmed in a social contract with the state. ?In return, the state is responsible for our safety. ?They are clearly failing right now.


– NZN via Yahoo! News