Never underestimate the power of Autism


When people on the autism spectrum work together there is no limit to what they can achieve. Being on the spectrum myself I know that I can become obsessive when I am working on something I care about and a group of people on 4Chan became obsessed with capturing a protest flag that was flying in an unknown location while on a live stream. Their task seemed impossible yet by working as a team they combined their talents and located the flag within 36 hours using a vast range of techniques.

One of the reasons why people on the Autism spectrum can have trouble finding employment is because they are accused of not being able to work well with others despite their impressive problem-solving abilities and high intelligence. What this capture the flag mission proved is that we can actually work extremely well in a team with like-minded people and a shared goal. I actually think the secret to Whaleoil’s success is the number of people who work here who are on the autism spectrum. Once we set our minds to achieve something heaven help anyone who comes between us and our objective.

Shia LaBeouf?s plan to keep his live stream protest of President Trump going for four years was foiled… ? again.

…His livestream feed continued to get crashed… leading him to move to a third location which he kept secret, according to Page Six. Here, the camera was set up only focused on a ?He Will Not Divide Us? flag.

But some savvy sleuths managed to crack the code and troll?LaBeouf again, with an epic move.

Users from?4chan ?started studying planes flying over the flag, and took note of flight times? to find the third location. ?They even??studied the sun and star patterns behind the flag,? …When a picture of LaBeouf in a Tennessee diner surfaced, someone was dispatched to the area.

A 4chan user drove around honking the car horn trying to get the video stream to pick up the sound.

All their hard work paid off and the flag was discovered on Thursday. ?And taken down.

…While the?camera picked up the live removal of the flag, it then captured a red ?Make America Great Again? Trump hat being hoisted up the flagpole.