New Conservative Party leader follows in Colin Craig’s footsteps

We all know how Colin Craig ‘came a cropper: ?A poem and some silly photographs. ? Last night, the new leader of the Conservative Party published some information on the Internet and invited questions. ? The first eyebrow-raising?thing was the photo:

Clearly going for the Village People vote there. ? Took the time to write?clearly also.

But the truly stunning, double face-palm moment came when he was asked if he did poetry. ?

Oblivious of the trap before him, he produced one. ?I’ve titled it: ?Two of Them.

Makita and Hitachi are a same-sex couple in New Zealand on a student visa. ? Oh no, they are Asian property speculators in Auckland who are also looking to buy forests, beachfront properties and productive farms. ?Yes.. ?That’s right.

As expected, the people part of the Ask Me Anything ripped Leighton to bits. ?And applying blokey humour made him look like the kid in the playground that gets hit and then says “is that the best you can do?”.

This isn’t what a party leader should be doing to increase his own or the party’s profile. ?As far as the Conservative Party leadership goes, it seems with Leighton following Colin, they have entered the fire after exiting the frying pan.




– Reddit