New Zealand’s anti-Fascists are trouble looking for a place to happen

New Zealand’s anti-fascists look at the world through Nazi tinted spectacles. A few days before their scheduled anti-Fascism march with no New Zealand Fascists available for them to rail against and attack they made some up. After all, where is the fun in virtue signaling how righteous you are if you don’t have an evil enemy to destroy?

First, they accused their chosen victims of the crime of White Pride on the flimsiest of pretexts. They then forced the harmless and newly formed Auckland University European culture group to shut down by using death threats and threats of violence. ?After that success, drunk with power they were emboldened to go after a new European culture club at AUT. This time lacking even the flimsy pretext of a slogan that contained a couple of words the same as an old Nazi one they simply declared them to be up to no good and coordinated an attack against them.

The anti-Fascist groups are trouble looking for a place to happen. They call people who have views they disagree with Nazis. If you don’t want any more refugees you are a Nazi. If you don’t want anymore Islamic Immigration you are a Nazi. If you want your country to protect its borders you are a Nazi. If you enforce your countries laws you are a Nazi. If you form a European Culture club you are a Nazi.

If you enforce your country’s ?laws you are a fascist.

Many anti-Fascists look like this when they protest because they have no intention of protesting peacefully. They are brainwashed into believing that they are actually up against people who are real Nazis who deserve to be punched and beaten. This is what happens when you demonise people whose views you disagree with.

Anti-Fascists in New Zealand come in all shapes and sizes, even people who you would never think would demonise people in that way. They have drunk the cool-aid and they genuinely believe that New Zealand is full of Fascists needing to be smashed, stopped or silenced. Perhaps Kate thinks she can kill them with kindness?( sarcasm)

Fighting Fascism one Data scrape at a time.

Tomorrow is the anti-Fascism rally at ?1 PM ?at the University of Auckland Quad. I suggest that anyone who has views that are not left-wing should keep their distance because there will be a large group of fired up activists looking for a target for their anger. Don’t let it be you. They don’t believe in freedom of speech or the right to have views different to them. Their view of the world is warped and they see racists and fascists under every bush.