Nick Smith and his bullshit over water will cost National votes

Looks swimmable to me

Nick Smith?has tits for hands. Everything he touches turns out to be a disaster.

His latest cock-up is to change the goal posts on water?quality and raise the nutrient allowances while claiming at the same time that he has cut them in half.

If I was a water campaigner I’d find a body of water that meets his swimmable standard and that is also a health hazard and challenge the dickhead to have a swim in it.

That is precisely what has happened.

A waterway that Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith once deemed “impossible” to improve to a swimmable condition would be?considered swimmable under proposed new standards.

Several other waterways ? including dry shingle beds?and rivers with toxic algal blooms?? would also meet the swimmable standard, despite clearly being unsuitable for swimming. ?

Critics have said such instances reveal shortcomings in the way the proposed standards are measured.

Smith said because the policy applied to such a large number of rivers and lakes, there would inevitably be “exceptional circumstances.”

During a speech about freshwater management at Lincoln University last year, Smith explained why the?government would not require all waterways to be swimmable.

Citing Washdyke Lagoon near Timaru as an example, he said some places would likely never meet swimming standards due to natural events.

“Water bodies like the Washdyke Lagoon in Canterbury… are home to many birds whose E.coli make it impossible to meet the swimming standard without a massive bird cull,” he said.

But under the government’s proposed standards, Washdyke Lagoon has?a “fair” grading for swimming, which is considered swimmable.

What. A. Dick.

The lagoon’s median E.coli levels are nearly three times the safe level for human contact, 1400/100mls.?At times they reach 2900/100mls, nearly six times the safe level.

Under the standards, swimming quality in lakes is determined by cyanobacteria concentrations (toxic algae); for rivers, it is determined by E.coli concentration.

Washdyke Lagoon passes the standards because it has safe cyanobacteria concentrations, despite high levels?of E.coli making it dangerous for swimming.

Make him swim in it.

This is the problem with Bill English rewarding and protecting his mates. They are mostly dickheads and Bill doesn’t have a no dickheads rule. That is why Nick Smith is always in the news for all the wrong reasons.

If I was the Opposition I’d target this muppet endlessly and then follow up with questions of the PM about standing by his ministers. Labour should go and watch all the videos of Lockwood Smith questioning over Taito Phillip Field and how that eventually damaged Clark because of her intransigence in dealing with a wayward minister.


– Fairfax