Does Nicky tell the truth when he is in court? Or in his books?

Over the past couple of days we have seen Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson admit they got the location wrong.

They insist everything else is correct though. We shouldn’t worry that despite claiming they fact checked and double checked and cross referenced everything, they still got the location of the village wrong.

It matters not that in every single book he’s written there have been material mistruths, there were multiple ones in Dirty Politics.

However, now a number of people are raising some rather pertinent questions about the veracity of anything Nicky Hager says.

Jim Rose has revealed via an Official Information Act request that Nicky Hager never put his rather serious allegations to the Ministry of Defence, the Minister or indeed the Army or the NZSAS themselves.

This is in stark contrast to evidence given under oath in a recent court case where Hager said:

? where the allegations were serious and the evidence was far from being solid enough to publish with confidence, I would definitely have gone to the person being accused to hear their side. Not only is that fair to the person concerned but also it would form a vital part of the checking of the facts. The person?s response would be very important as to whether I proceeded to publish the allegations about that person.

Like with Dirty Politics, Hager and also Stephenson, in this case, have hurled awful allegations at the NZDF, and NZSAS, but contrary to his own evidence he did not raise a single issue with NZDF ahead of the book being published. Like with Dirty Politics he just constructed the hit job, gave a heads up to his friendly media pals who were writing 650 word articles about the book just minutes after it was released, and then launched into making scurrilous accusations based on nothing more than hearsay.

Hager never asked and still has not asked me a single question about his book he wrote about me. He simply hurled the muck and his enablers in the mainstream media took it all as gospel. They ignored material facts that were wrong, basic?details like the sex of certain people in the book that were wrong and many other issues, including his lack of balance. They saw the book as they do with this latest one, a means with which to attack the government and other people they didn’t or don’t like.

It is a scurrilous and underhanded method of operating.

When I broke the story of Len Brown’s dalliances we did that AFTER we had sought comment from Len Brown and put the accusations to him. We gave him more courtesy than Nicky Hager has ever given any victim of his shabby little hit jobs.

Yet, he has the temerity to give testimony, on oath, that he does otherwise.

You can hardly make worse accusations against soldiers than to accuse them of war crimes, yet he said and did nothing beforehand.

He took hearsay statements from people he’s never met, in villages he’s never visited, got material facts like GPS coordinates of villages wrong and forgot to tell us all that he’d never been there and neither had Jon Stephenson (08:10) and turned it into an attack on the integrity of our best soldiers. What is worse, the very people he says come from these villages are in fact under the control of the Taliban, so their testimony is essentially worthless. Then there are the photos. We’ve learned from Jon Stephenson’s own mouth that he took none of the photos…he gave a?camera to a person who went into (allegedly) Taliban territory and took the photos. How do we even know those photos were taken in the correct location. Is this possibly where Hager and Stephenson got their wrong location information from, from the metadata of the photos taken…that raises more questions about veracity of the story as well.

Then he demanded an inquiry based on his allegations.

To top it all off he expects us to believe that soldiers in the NZSAS actually ratted on their?mates and comrades by talking to him and Jon Stephenson, both avowed opponents of the NZDF. Pull the other one.

What this whole sorry episode shows is that the media are as complicit as Hager and Stephenson in smearing and defaming fine soldiers. That they are prepared to do what the enemy couldn’t do to these soldiers, destroy them, if not actually but at least their morale.

Nicky Hager is a despicable little weasel and this time he’s over-reached.

He’s launched a book based on anonymous sources, or compromised sources, with no real data or evidence and hurled awful smears against good soldiers. He’s been aided and abetted by the traitors in the media as well.

I hope these guys are never in need of rescuing or saving one day because I should think the NZSAS will be otherwise engaged elsewhere.

Hit and Run accurately describes the author’s own actions, just like Dirty Politics describe Hager’s back then.


-Investigate, Utopia