Nikki Haley: ?The Days of Israel-Bashing are Over?

Nikki Haley spoke at the AIPAC conference about the changes she is overseeing at the United Nations.

Truth Revolt reports:

As the new United Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley made it clear during her talk at AIPAC that there?s a new sheriff in town and she wears high heels.

Sitting down with former Defense Department official Dan Senor, Haley said she is ready to ?change the culture of the UN.? Here?s how she suggests doing so:

?The United States tells them what we?re not going to put up with. We start to change the culture to what we should be talking about, and then, we actually act on what we say.

?I wear heels. It?s not for a fashion statement; it?s because if I see something wrong, we?re going to kick them every single time.? ?

This delighted the audience and spurred applause from Senor.

Haley went on to say how the U.S. is ?kicking? back and that?s by putting every country ?on notice.? She assured we will have everyone else?s back that has ours, but if another country challenges us, ?be prepared because we will respond.?

Then, she lowered the hammer with this long-awaited gem:

?The days of Israel-bashing are over.?

After the raucous applause had died down, Haley added, ?You?re not going to take our number-one, democratic friend in the Middle East and beat up on them.?

Haley said her tough stance is already working:

?When they decided to try and put a Palestinian in one of the highest positions that had ever been given at the UN, we said, ?No.? And we had him booted out.

?That doesn?t mean he wasn?t a nice man. That doesn?t mean he wasn?t good to America. What it means is, until the Palestinian Authority comes to the table; until the UN responds the way they?re supposed to, there are no freebies for the Palestinian Authority anymore.?

?Haley is finally the voice the US needs in the UN,? said Legal Insurrection?s David Gerstman.

Finally, there is someone at the UN prepared to speak the truth against the corruption of the UN.

It is a shame that Bill English and Murray McCully don’t seem to be getting this message.


– Truth Revolt