No hard feelings John

Next leader? Who cares?

Mr Key has announced he will make his valedictory speech to the house next Wednesday, before officially resigning from parliament on April 14.

“It has been an absolute honour to serve in Parliament since 2002, as MP for Helensville, National Party leader, and prime minister,” Mr Key said.

“One of the great privileges of my political career and my life was to meet so many hard-working and inspiring New Zealanders. I remain as ambitious for them, and New Zealand, as the day I entered Parliament.”

He said he had confidence Prime Minister Bill English and deputy Paula Bennett would provide stability and continuity.

Mr Key resigned unexpectedly as PM in December and has not said what he plans to do after leaving, although he has taken on at least one speaking engagement.

Readers will know there is no love lost between Mr Key and I since he let Nicky Hager and the media dictate who a government can and can not speak to.

I ended up in front of a Commission of Inquiry and came out the other end smelling of roses. ?He sacked Judith Collins who went through the wringer and came out the other end smelling of roses. ?I even have a letter of apology from John to make sure I would not take him to court for the incorrect public statements he made about me.

But I get it. ?This is politics. ? But as I said from a balcony in Tel Aviv, Prime Ministers come and go. ?And I will still be here.

I do acknowledge his hard work in tourism and international relations and the steady hand through turbulent times. ? But beyond that, his continual moving to the left has left this country in a position of more taxpayer?dependency.

I happen to know all the circumstances surrounding John Key’s early departure, which he called “Family reasons”. ?On that basis, I think he’s been his own worst enemy really.

So, no hard feelings.


– NZN via Yahoo! News