No, just no


The left-wing’s latest cause celebre is to lower the voting age despite all the evidence to the contrary that young people simply don’t vote.

Their reasoning, if you can call it that, is that if we let them vote earlier then they will form a good habit about voting. I’m not kidding, read it:

Lowering the age to 16 gives us the best chance to ingrain voting as a habit. Many teens aged 16 to?18 are still?at school and can be given a forum to discuss and debate ideas and opinions.

Arguments against the move?seem to focus on a so-called lack of full development and apparent tendency for teens to simply mirror their parents’ thoughts. ?

These are spurious and?patronising.

Sure, we probably all thought differently at age 16 compared with our grown selves, but that doesn’t make our former musings wrong.

You could mount a similar argument that there should be an upper limit on voting as older people have less of a stake in the country’s?future. Rightly, nobody is suggesting such a ridiculous and discriminatory move.

For our politics, both national and local, to be truly representative, we need to enfranchise as wide a?cross-section of society as possible and we must start by including more teens.

It’s unlikely anything will change soon, but it should. Becroft’s proposal is a good place to start.

A better option would be to sack Andrew Becroft. He’s clearly an idiot.

Using the logic that starting kids early at voting will ingrain longterm habits towards civics is as stupid as it is fanciful.

Following their flawed logic we should lower the drinking age to 16, go back to letting kids have full drivers licences at the same age, letting them join the army, go to war, allowing marriage for 16 year olds, removing age restrictions on smoking and drinking as well to bring them in line with the voting age.

I can already hear the po-faced wombles?shouting?No at me…and so I shout No as well for letting idiots who don’t know anything the right to vote.

Hell, I’d raise the voting age to 21 not lower it.

This is just a play for more poorly informed voters to vote left-wing.

But I can see one benefit. If they can vote at 16 then they can be tried as adults as well. With voting comes responsibility…