No need to apologise, she asked for everything and she got everything

The Ministry of Justice says it’s changing its process for releasing coronial files after a woman was sent graphic photos of her dead son.

The woman this month requested the entire coronial file into the death of her teenage son, who committed suicide in 2012, and received police images of his dead body as part of the documents.

She told Radio NZ on Wednesday the photos were “horrific” and graphic”.

“I was shaking and crying because this is not something I ever wanted to see,” she said, adding she did not request for the photos to be excluded because she wasn’t aware they were part of the file.

She declined to identify herself other than as Ann Johns, to protect her son’s identity.

I have respect for her loss, and I also respect that she had a shock. ?But to then run to the media and make a story out of it, well, she can get stuffed. ? At least the Ministry did what it was meant to do and there is no need to apologise. ?

In a statement, Ministry of Justice chief executive Andrew Bridgman apologised for the distress caused to the mother.

“I will be contacting her to convey my sincere regret at the anxiety caused by this event,” he said.

“I will be letting her know that we have now changed our processes to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.”

I beg your pardon? ?Because this ninny asked for everything and got it, now everyone else does not get it anymore? ?You can’t be serious!

Family members of the subjects of coronial inquests are allowed to request the full files of the cases and have access to material deemed too private to be issued to media.

A form on the Ministry of Justice website allows them to state specifically what they want included – but they can also make requests over email, meaning they may not have always been asked to complete the checklist or given warning.

Mr Bridgman said in future all families requesting complete files would be informed explicitly what was contained in them and asked what they wanted included and not.

“This will ensure only those parts of the file they want are sent to them,” he said.

That’s a wholly sensible improvement. ?But for crying out loud, what sort of person asks for everything on a child’s suicide and does not expect to encounter material that is upsetting?

But how often do we hear about whingers who make requests for info and get a snow job and a less than full answer?

In the end, what eats away at me is that she went to the media.


– NZN via Yahoo!