No surprise it has come to this as Police treat law abiding firearms owners like criminals

The Police and the Police Association have been on jihad against law-abiding firearms owners. They have recently begun making unilateral changes to firearms rules almost by fiat, rather than requesting changes to go through parliament.

Once legal firearms are now deemed?by Police to be illegal, and if you challenge them then you find all sorts of grief begins to visit itself upon you as it comes time for renewals.

Legal and law abiding firearms owners are being persecuted and finally, they’ve had enough. One club has now banned Police from using their range, and I expect more clubs to follow suit as the assault on our sport by Police continues.

A Wairarapa gun club?has had enough of police pushing for more restrictive gun laws and has?fired back.

The Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club has banned police from using its range as a training facility – effective immediately.

The Carterton-based club has one of the best shooting ranges?in the lower North Island, which police regularly use for various types of weapons practice.

Club president Gary?Rawlinson?said members had become increasingly frustrated with the?police and the Police Association’s?attitude towards responsible firearms owners and legitimate shooting sports.?

New Zealand Police and the Police Association have been approached for comment.

Rawlinson said: “We don’t want to be seen to be supporting groups that could possibly?destroy our chosen sport. Despite the existence of a Firearms Community Advisory Forum, the police continue to arbitrarily adopt changes to the administration of the Arms Acts without consultation.”

The club’s?members were law-abiding citizens sick of being demonised,?scape-goated?and targeted in the firearms legislation debate,?Rawlinson?said.

He cited recent examples of?changes to firearms measurement, certification of gun safes and what he described?as “wholesale and unreasonable” changes to the licensing of gun dealers as evidence of the ever-moving goal posts that they were forced to comply with.

“That the police neither seek advice, consult with that forum or advise them of decisions made, is extremely disappointing to our members.”

“It should be of great concern to both politicians and the police commissioner that our decision to end all police use of the Wairarapa PSSC facility gained unanimous support and has been applauded by many other shooting clubs.”

The club’s ban will not be?reviewed until “a distinct change in attitude, policy and provision is evident”.

Rawlinson said gun law reform often targets licensed?firearms users but did?not tackle the real problem – unlicensed criminals. He said the club’s ban aimed?to draw attention to its dissatisfaction with the present situation.

?”We’re not trying to be vindictive or nasty. We’re just annoyed that we are constantly looking over our shoulder because of the way they [police] do things.”

The Police have now commented and it is a massive whinge and an attempt at portraying the club as irresponsible:

The Police Association is defending its stance on?gun control?in the face of a Wairarapa shooting?club banning police from using its range.

The Wairarapa Pistol and Shooting Sports Club?has banned police from?training at?its Carterton facility?over frustrations with police?administration of the Arms Act.

Police Association president?Chris Cahill?said members?were?alarmed at the club’s move, aimed at?forcing Police National Headquarters to change its attitude on certain gun policies and procedures. He said?their?aim?is to control who has access to firearms, not penalise licensed firearms owners.

“Like it or not, the reality is that criminals often acquire their guns from burglaries of legitimate gun owners and dealers, or, guns are on-sold to people who have no intention of registering them and using them within legal parameters,” Cahill said.

And what do Police do about burglaries? Oh, that’s right, ignore them and only complete paperwork required for insurance purposes.

The Police have been persecuting legitimate firearms owners in a jihad designed to get rid of guns that were previously lawful. They have been sneaky and furtive in doing so, and in some respects utterly retarded. The?call?to ban on 50 calibre rifles is one such example.

I fully expect other clubs to follow suit. The Police have refused to engage in an honest fashion and patience is at an end from firearms owners.

Any goodwill has evaporated because of the doctrinaire?approach as exhibited by the new Police Association President. The only way to make them listen is to mount a very public campaign and start naming and shaming dodgy arms officers, and dopey “experts” who give false and misleading evidence to select committees.

The Police have relied on implied intimidation of firearms owners and that ended yesterday.


– Fairfax