No tax increases under Labour but they have pledged to spend all of the surplus

First the good news:

Labour will not be raising taxes if elected at this year’s election.

Now for the bad news: ??

Party leader Andrew Little said his team would have enough income to pay for their election promises now the government was expecting a $1 billion surplus this year ahead of Treasury projections.

He said as a result, his team was not planning to raise taxes if elected.

“The government has achieved more tax revenue than they expected,” he said on Three’s The Nation programme.

“The commitments we’ve made … means that we can fund those out of existing tax revenue.”

So, they don’t think they need to raise taxes but they are going to spend all of the surplus. Wow!

The next thing is to convince the electorate that a Labour leader is telling the truth. I mean they campaigned for two elections on raising the superannuation eligibility age but now profess to never have wanted to that. They’ve also campaigned on having a capital gains tax, but that’s off the table now, apparently.

Do you trust Andrew Little not to raise taxes?

People trusted John Key that he wouldn’t?raise taxes and guess what…he did, he raised GST.

The old adage about knowing when politicians lying is true. Their lips are moving, they’re lying.


-NZ Herald