This is not okay: Trans gender boy wins girls only Wrestling championship

Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old transgender boy from Texas, has won the Texas state girls wrestling championship. That title caps off an undefeated season for Beggs, who went 57-0.
It also throws a gallon of gasoline on the fire of a huge controversy over whether Beggs should be allowed to compete against girls, since she is actively receiving testosterone injections as part of her transition from female to male. Those testosterone treatments have many believing that Beggs has an unfair competitive advantage when matched up against biological girls not receiving treatments.

If a sports person uses performance enhancing drugs they are not allowed to compete or have their awards stripped off once their use has been discovered yet an exception is unfairly being made in this case for politically correct reasons.

Many who believe that were heard from in the gym after Beggs defeated Chelsea Sanchez for the state title, with several fans booing as Beggs celebrated her victory. To Beggs? credit, according to her family, the 17-year-old would rather face boys in wrestling competition. However, at issue is a Texas law which states that competitors must wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificate.

That policy became law on August 1st by the University Interscholastic League, the body which monitors athletics in Texas public schools. Attorney Jim Baudhuin, who is the parent of another wrestler, attempted to block Beggs? participation in the state championships on the grounds that her testosterone treatments gave her an unfair advantage, though he failed to block Beggs from competing.

Still, Baudhuin doesn?t blame Beggs personally for the controversy…

This is politically correct madness. The issue is not just her biological gender the issue is performance enhancing medication.

… If a female wrestler were to test positive for steroids, or some other type of performance enhancing drug, there?s no way they would be allowed to participate in competitive sports. Testosterone, athletically, constitutes a performance enhancer.

…in athletic competition those treatments have the effect of making a competitor significantly stronger than an opponent not taking them. Therefore, someone going through that treatment has no place competing.

Also, putting Beggs and all the sensitivity towards LGBT aside for a moment, think about the safety of the other competitors. As UFC analyst Joe Rogan said on Twitter, ?wrestling is a combat sport and taking testosterone competing against girls who aren?t taking it is completely unfair and dangerous.?

Sensitivity to someone?s ?transition,? or drawing hard lines on gender, should never result in a complete disregard for the safety and well-being of other people.

So many problems could be avoided if people accepted the scientific fact that you cannot remove or change a person’s actual biological makeup no matter how many treatments and surgical changes you make. It is a psychological change, not a physiological one. While we can treat a person with respect and address them how they want to be addressed we must draw the line when it comes to sporting competitions as they can never compete fairly against a person who is biologically their opposite.

Unfortunately, not all sports organisations recognise this obvious truth.

The International Olympic Committee, for example, has the following standards for competition:

  • They must have had gender reassignment surgery
  • They must have legal recognition of their assigned gender
  • They must have at least two years of hormone therapy

Take a look at this man.

If we chopped off his bits, legally recognised him as Michelle and gave him two years worth of female hormones do you think that any biologically female boxers would be prepared to get in the ring with him?