Not a peep from Labour, maybe because his name doesn’t sound chinky

New Zealand is a popular place. People want to come here to live and buy property and by and large, that’s fine. It is certainly perfectly alright it seems for us to go overseas and buy land.

Labour, of course, don’t like, especially when the people buying the land have chinky sounding names. But for some reason, they have remained silent over this latest land purchase.

A wealthy American who bought the largest lake front property in New Zealand, has been revealed as broadcaster Matt Lauer. ?

The NBC television journalist and host bought the property near Queenstown, 1 News reported tonight.

Lauer, 59, is one of the highest paid news anchors in the world and commands a salary of between US$20-25 million ($28-$35m) the Los Angeles Times reported.

He has hosted NBC’s Today show since 1997, after starting as a news reader on the show in 1994.

The Today show is one of the highest rated programmes in the US and generates some US$500m for NBC annually, the LA Times reported.

Lauer has interviewed the likes of US President Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton in recent times.

Good on him. Welcome to New Zealand.

On top of that public access, which was restricted by the previous Kiwi owner has been resolved.

Earlier on Thursday, it was revealed the years of wrangling between lessees of the property and recreationists may be resolved under new conditions imposed on the new buyer.

The conditions, released by the Overseas Investment Office under the Official Information Act, did not reveal the price or the identity of the buyer who acquired the Crown?lease.

The new conditions now require the owner to support and pay?for any surveying and legal?costs associated with the council taking over the road.

Hunter Valley Station was also the site where Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling shot scenes for the Disney film A Wrinkle in Time last month.

So, the Kiwi owners were restrictive and the new owners will allow more access…this is good.


– NZ Herald, Fairfax