NZ and China agree on Climate Action. What the hell?

Minister for Climate Change Issues Paula Bennett has announced details of a climate change action plan to be put in place with China.

The action plan is included in a package of bilateral initiatives announced today by the Prime Minister and visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. It gives practical effect to the broad approach set out in the New Zealand-China Climate Change Cooperation Arrangement signed by the two countries? leaders in 2014.

“Both our countries are serious about responding to climate change and this arrangement will assist both of us in delivering on our long-term commitments under the Paris Agreement,” Mrs Bennett said.

“China is a key player in the global response to climate change and the implementation of China?s commitments under the Paris Agreement will be critical for its success.

“New Zealand has ambitious climate change targets backed by an emissions trading scheme that we are currently reviewing. China is rolling out its own emissions trading scheme, by far the largest ETS in the world, and is potentially an important future carbon markets partner.”


I love this new phrase, “Climate action”. ?Perhaps we can look forward to “Erosion action” and “Tidal action” and perhaps even, one day, “Sunshine action”.

China is far from the poster child in fighting Global Warming, Climate Change or Climate Action, but isn’t it good to know that New Zealand and China will work together on a world stage?

The action plan is a first step towards greater cooperation between Chinese and New Zealand carbon markets experts to share technical information and expertise on carbon markets and emission trading schemes, as well as agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation.

Step one: ?Cooperation between Chinese and New Zealand carbon market experts.

We are more likely to take our own lives due to the mind numbing idiocy of these initiatives than we are to die from any change in climate.

For those who are new to the argument: ?Climate has never been static. ?As far as we know, anyway. ?It’s always changing. ? Why our government is keen to place more taxation on our economy in the form of an international carbon scheme?tax remains a mystery to all but those who are making out like bandits.