NZ Media refusing to turn on “Investigative reporter”

Defence Force Chief Lieutenant-General Tim Keating said Operation Burnham in Tirgiran village was based on sound intelligence and notable for its attention to detail avoiding civilians casualties.

That included using a loudspeaker to warn those on the ground that an ISAF operation was taking place, taking away the element of surprise and allowing civilians time to react, he says.

Details of the operation have been declassified following allegations in a new book that SAS forces were responsible for killing six civilians and injuring 15 other in the villages of Naik and Khak Khuday Dad in a revenge attack for Lt O’Donnell’s death.

But Lt-Gen Keating has fully refuted the claims by war correspondent Jon Stephenson and investigative reporter Nicky Hager in Hit and Run, released last Tuesday.

He says the SAS never carried out operations in those villages, and rejects that the attack was a revenge mission.

“The bottom line, revenge was never a driver. We are a professional force,” he said on Monday.

Nine insurgents were killed during Operation Burnham, one by New Zealand ground forces who fired two rounds when approached by an insurgent.

NONE of the critical facts stack up.

None of them.

And yet the media aren’t turning on Hager and his knob polisher.

First fake news, then the defence of fake news and holding up King Hager as a godly man that can’t possibly be wrong.

It’s sickening.