Oh how sweet, a teacher and her former student marry

That teacher registration thing is working out just fine, isn’t it?

She was his teacher, she supported him in prison and now?? she’s his wife.

But it wouldn’t be the happily?ever after she had planned.

The?Bay of Plenty teacher, now 39, is facing charges from her profession’s disciplinary body after marrying her former student, after he did jail time.

A lawyer for the Education Council?says her actions amount?to serious misconduct. The teacher’s lawyer says she never planned for it, “it just happened”.

Sure love, we all believe that.

The Bay of Plenty teacher, who has interim name suppression, was the student’s teacher in 2010 until the student went to prison in 2011.

The teacher faces a charge?of forming an inappropriate relationship with an ex-student and misleading the complaints committee about the nature of the relationship. The Education Council’s Complaints Assessment Committee?said the charge equates?to serious misconduct.

Details of the student’s conviction and sentence?were suppressed by Nick Chisnall, the deputy chair of the NZ?teachers’ disciplinary tribunal in Rotorua this week.

The student, who is now 23 and has links to the Waikato, allegedly made over 1000 calls to his former teacher while in prison?but they both?deny?that they were romantically involved during that time.

The teacher?visited him in prison as early as May 2012, by herself and with the student’s mother. He was released from prison at the end of?2013.

CAC lawyer, Dale La Hood, read a text message?from June 2014 that he said?proves there was an intimate relationship from at least mid-2014.

The message, allegedly from the student to the teacher, read, “Baby after a year and a half I love you more and more every day”.

Another read, “I’m so in love with you and my heart fully belongs to you.”

La Hood said there were several messages between the pair from 2014 which were?found during a forensic audit.

When cross-examined by La Hood, the teacher admitted that one of the numbers shown in the text message evidence was her own and the other was the student’s.

But she said?”these texts are not something that I would send”.

The student was cross-examined by La Hood and also denied sending the text messages. He said there were?several people who had access to his phone?so it could?have been anyone of them.

“You haven’t come here to tell the truth have you, you’ve come here to cover for your wife,” La Hood said. To which the former student said, “No”.

The teacher was interviewed by CAC in December 2015 and denied any romantic relationship. The pair were married days later, in January 2016.

Dumb as a bag of hammers. Who else sent the messages then?

She shouldn’t be teaching.


– Fairfax