It’s ok when the left-wing do it

The left-wing have a monopoly on hypocrisy.

They commit crimes to steal a journalist’s data and then write a book about it and label him the dirty one. Unions take employers to court for breaches of good faith and confidentiality, then when it suits them they breach confidential agreements.

Worse, they laugh about it.

The union representing some Dunedin Cadbury workers has denied the accusation that it distributed confidential information during a rally protesting the closure of the city’s chocolate factory.

Mondelez, the food giant which owns Cadbury, has accused E tu of distributing confidential information at Saturday’s Cadbury rally in the South Island city. ?

The union leaflet says Mondelez told E tu some of the Dunedin factory’s machinery was “so old that it will be sent to scrap”.

The Otago Daily Times had sought comment from Mondelez on Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull’s comments at the rally, but its emailed response criticised the union.

“The brochure handed out included information that has been shared during consultation.

“The union has shared information that we agreed would be confidential.

“While we continue to ensure that we respect the agreement we have with the union for consultation information to remain confidential, we’re disappointed that the union has not respected this with the information it has shared [at the rally],” a Mondelez spokeswoman said.

When contacted, E tu industry strategy director Neville Donaldson denied breaching confidentiality.

Of course they denied it. It’s OK when they do it.

Asking a union to solve employment issues is like asking a hooker to root for virginity.

When the union gets fewer?people to the protest about the loss of jobs than those who actually work there then you know it is a lost cause.


-NZ Herald