More than one million Dutch voted for Geert Wilder’s PVV Party

Geert Wilder’s party PVV has only been around for twelve years yet it has managed to come in second place against the old establishment VVD party headed by ?MP Mark Rutte. That is a huge achievement in an MMP political environment yet the mainstream media and Rutte are doing their best to describe Geert’s triumph as a defeat. Rutte may have won but he lost a quarter of his base support. It would be more accurate to say that he managed to cling on to power. Rutte’s party lost ten seats while Wilder’s gained four. What Geert’s PVV party has achieved is comparable to the Act Party coming in second place this election. To call it a defeat is unjust, it was an amazing achievement and the fact that both the MSM and the establishment party were so worried that he might actually win tells you what a threat his party actually is.

Rutte’s words tell you what it is he fears?about?Geert’s party.?This was an evening when ? the Netherlands said ?Stop? to the wrong sort of populism.?

I think we all know what the ” wrong sort” of populism is. It is the populism of men like President Trump. It is the populism of protecting your country’s ?borders, social welfare, jobs and culture. The populism of putting the lives of your country’s population before the lives of foreigners. The populism of patriotism and sovereignty and of not letting the EU dictate your country’s future. The populism?of recognising a threat to your country and being prepared to do something about it even though it is not politically correct to do so.

Geert Wilders like Mark Rutte had something to say once most of the results were in. His words reveal only determination.

More than one million Dutch people voted for Geert Wilders PVV party. As things get worse and worse inside the Netherlands support for his party will grow. Only time will tell by the time he gains power whether or not it will be too late.