One NEWs report 24 hours old, missing detail and punctuation

Twenty Four hours after the terrorist attack at the Paris airport One News reported on it.

screenshot- supplied by a Whaleoil reader

They reported that a man tried to take a rifle off a female soldier but neglected to complete the sentence with a full stop. Perhaps they were is a hurry to get the story published as after all it was already 24 hours old at that point. Readers were not impressed.

screenshot- supplied by a Whaleoil reader

The body of the story was also disappointing as one of the key facts about the incident was missing from the report. They left out the fact that the terrorist said that he was willing to?“die for Allah.” I wonder if it is conscious or unconscious bias? Perhaps it is just laziness or sloppiness? Then again could it possibly be something more sinister? Is there an MSM conspiracy to remove from reports of terrorism anything that would point the blame towards the religion of peace?