Opotiki needs a fluent “Chinese” speaking service station manager

Winston Peters:
An employer in Opotiki is blatantly side-lining New Zealand workers.

They are advertising for a store manager who is fluent in Chinese.
This is unacceptable, especially as there?s no shortage of workers in Opotiki and the rest of the Eastern Bay of Plenty.
We understand this employer is Chinese and lives in Auckland.
Employers are taking advantage of National’s record immigration numbers.
They know that migrants are cheaper labour and will work under any conditions to just stay in the country.
National has allowed unfocused immigration instead of targeting the skills we really need.
A service station manager should not be on the skills shortage list.

Playing devil’s advocate:

– There will certainly?be New Zealand citizens that are fluent in Chinese.

– There will certainly be New Zealand permanent residents fluent in Chinese.

– The owner can hire anyone at all that s/he considers suitable.

– There is no sign that this displaces a “New Zealand” worker

On the other hand, this is an indication of the way New Zealand is transforming due to its immigration policies over the last twenty years.

This kind of thing has been the status quo in East Auckland for well over a decade with shops not even displaying English signage. ? It was about that long ago when larger NZ companies in the area such as The Wharehouse started displaying dual language signs. ? No, not Maori and English. ?Chinese and English.

So the fact this is now spreading throughout the further reaches of the country isn’t surprising.

We already have seen this happen with “Indian” dairies. ? The same is happening with “Chinese” businesses as well.

The final word is up to you. ?Do you think Winston?highlighted a valid concern? ?Is requiring fluency in a language displacing “New Zealand” workers?