Oppose, oppose, oppose, it is all they know

Labour just opposes everything, it’s all they know how to do.

The latest thing they are opposing is a new Maori land bill to correct major flaws in how Maori own land.

Those flaws have basically condemned Maori owners of valuable land to a life of poverty because there is no way the owners can do anything meaningful with property covered by, for want of a better term, Native Land Titles.

Instead of proposing something sensible to benefit Maori, Labour just opposes.

Labour says opposition to the government’s Te Ture Whenua Maori Bill is widespread, and it will repeal the legislation if it wins the election.

The bill rewrites the laws around Maori land ownership and has been controversial from the outset. ?

It’s designed to ensure there are sufficient safeguards for the retention of Maori land while making it easier for owners to make decisions about how they want to use it.

The bill proposes replacing the Maori Land Court with a Maori Land Service.

Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell took it through 17 drafts and there were lengthy consultations with Maori through a series of hui before it reached the debating chamber.

It has passed its first and second readings and is due to come up for its committee stage in parliament.

Labour MP Meka Whaitiri says opposition to the bill is growing and Mr Flavell doesn’t have a mandate to take it any further.

“The consultation process was botched because Maori land owners weren’t given enough time to consider all the technical complexities and legal ramifications,” she said on Tuesday.

“A Labour government will repeal the bill and work to protect and retain Maori land.”

Reading between the lines, what Labour want is the uppity little darkies to be kept destitute while they sit on acres of valuable land they can do nothing with except grow gorse and weed.

Maori land ownership has been a joke for decades, it is time it was solved.


– NZ Newswire