Patrick Gower and Labour channel Dennis Denuto

Dennis Denuto?was Darryl Kerrigan’s lawyer and his summing up of the case taken to the Supreme Court is above.

Which is precisely the argument that Patrick Gower uses to explain why Jacinda Ardern is pretty close to Jesus in politics.

Putting Ardern into the role with six months to go till a general election shows one thing: Labour wants to win. ?

It is a ruthless move, just like the high list spot for Willie Jackson (to block him from going to the Maori Party, and them getting a seat) and Greg O’Connor in Ohariu (a right-ish candidate to get rid of Peter Dunne, with help of the Greens standing aside).

Little is struggling to get cut-through with the public. In contrast, Jacinda Ardern has massive cut-through. So much has been written about why Labour needs her, it is all so obvious.

And if Ardern will do one thing, it she will amplify the “vibe” on the Left.

Seriously? It’s the vibe?

At least Dennis Denuto knew what Mabo was.

That’s it, Labour’s ?done, stick a fork in them.


– Newshub