People forget their history as they try to rewrite everyone else’s

With all the fuss over the banning and disbandment of a European club at Auckland University it might be pertinent to revisit a bit of history of just one country…the United Kingdom.

The social justice bullies and hand wringers are upset about colonialism and perpetrating insults of the past. To paraphrase Game of Thrones, they know nothing.

It is almost like history for these fools began and ended in 1933.

They decry English hegemony without even understanding that there really is no such thing as English.

The United Kingdom has been populated by the following people at some stage in history, the list isn’t in a historical order but near enough. ? ?

  • Britons
  • Picts
  • Celts
  • Hibernians
  • Cymri?(Welsh)
  • Romans (Italians)
  • Saxons (Germanic), this is where Wessex (West Saxons), Essex (East Saxons), Sussex (South Saxons), Middlesex (Middle Saxons)
  • Angles (Germanic), where Anglo comes from and also the root of English
  • Jutes (from Jutland, Denmark)
  • Danes (conquered half of England and created and areas controlled by Danelaw)
  • Norwegians
  • Other Norse
  • Normans (who were originally Norsemen and settled on Contentin?Peninsula and cut deals with the Franks)

As you can see the Untied Kingdom has been fought over, conquered, reconquered, inter-bred, intermarried, assimilated and basically is a hodge-podge of many, many cultures, nations, languages and disparate heritages. This is what has made the United Kingdom strong, not weak. There have been multiple civil wars, even the French got in on the act.

A quick look through the list of English monarchs shows interesting non-English names such as?Sweyn Forkbeard,?Edmund Ironside,?Cnut the Great,?Harold Harefoot,?Harthacnut,?Harold Godwinson, William the Conquerer, Stephen of Blois, and so on. The Tudors were Welsh. The Stuarts were Scots. William of Orange was Dutch. The?House of Hanover (1714?1901) were German. From 1901?current line of monarchs are actually German?and The Queen’s husband is a Greek.

That is but one country. Look at the rest of Europe where many different people were conquered, enslaved, assimilated and new countries and peoples created as a result. The Romans alone pretty much conquered all of Western Europe setting up civilisation in areas previously controlled by bronze age tribes with no knowledge of engineering, roading, currency, politics, diplomacy and democracy.

This presumption that “European” is just one “race” is false. As you can see there are many, many different peoples making up the shared heritage of the Untied Kingdom.

Ironically if it wasn’t for European culture we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedoms we all take for granted. There would be no universities, classical music, rule of law, common law, democracy and all the other benefits this much maligned “culture” has provided us all with.

I refuse to be sent on a guilt trip because of the history of my ancestors. We should celebrate our past and our heritage and tell those who wish for us to quiver in fear at being called racist for celebrating our heritage.

My own ancestors come from Scotland, but given our swarthy, olive skin there is a good chance there are some Spaniards in our family. Even then my mother’s side are highlanders and my father’s side are from the borders.

When you add in Spanish Brides Lebanese, French and German heritage?you can see that just between the two of us there is quite a bit of history.

There is much to celebrate in our shared heritage, but Auckland University and many liberal elites and social justice bullies would deny us our heritage.