Pepe the Frog successfully trolls New Zealand Media

Pepe the frog as Donald Trump

Pepe had a starring role in the American election and now he has crossed the Tasman to upset the New Zealand media. Pepe is essentially a sad cartoon frog who became a meme. He was used in this recent video to promote?Based Stickman?(a new American Hero who physically defended protestors from the violence of Anti-Fascist group ANTIFA?.) When reading about Pepe during the American election I came across a democrat supporter lamenting the fact that the Republicans had all the cool memes. Why he lamented can we not have a Pepe the frog?

NZ First leader Winston Peters says he knew the controversy surrounding an image when he signed a poster featuring it – but says what others have deemed a hate symbol is “essentially meaningless”.

Peters signed a poster featuring the online cartoon character Pepe the Frog, after speaking to a packed lecture theatre at Victoria University last night.

…Pepe the Frog is an online cartoon character that was created by Matt Furie in 2005, and subsequently became a meme, sometimes called the “sad frog meme” and shared in social media posts by the likes of pop star Katy Perry…

“Pepe started off as a pretty innocuous cartoon character and like most modern things they can be distorted and twisted and what have you,” Peters said.

“And a guy asked me to [sign it]. And I know you are going to say he’s racist, well if he is racist … why would he want Winston Peters to sign his document?

“That is an image that has been used by Trump, anti-Trumpytes, a whole lot of people. It’s actually meaningless. For you to say some catastrophic social disaster has occurred because I signed someone’s paper being a nice guy, wished him all the best, is beyond me.”

During his talk to the university students Peters questioned the media’s role in pressure that led to a European Students Association at the University of Auckland to disband.

-NZ Herald

The mainstream media has done to Winston Peters what they did to the Auckland University European Students Association and what they are currently doing to the AUT European association. With no actual evidence of wrongdoing, they are smearing on the basis of what they think something means. They have decided that Pepe the frog is racist and that the slogan “Strength through honour” is fascist.

Mainstream media and anti-Fascists seem to share the same rationale when it comes to labelling people and memes. Their train of thought seems to go something like this…

Conservative views mean right wing political views which are extreme so therefore, their beliefs are racist and if they are racist then they must be Europeans and all Europeans are white and we all know that white racists are nationalists and all white nationalists are white supremacists which mean that they must also hold Fascist views which mean they are Fascists so they must be stopped at all costs.

Pepe the frog has been used by some in a racist way but he has also been used extensively as a pro-Trump political meme. The Pepe the Frog of Winston was clearly in the same style as the ones created for Trump’s campaign. Anti-Trump political activists desperately tried to link the pro-Trump Pepe?memes to the racist Pepe memes without success. They tried to stop him because he was so successful at making Trump’s message cool. Trump was the man taking on the establishment. Pepe is anti-establishment and the Trump supporters loved him.


When Pepe the frog was accused of being a hate symbol Pepe hit back with memes like…