Perhaps Pete could lease them Begging Bowl Kitty?

Labour is broke, I’ve been saying it for months, but now we have proof:

Labour is putting the hard word on supports to stump up cash, even threatening to scale back the election campaign if they don’t dig deep for the party.

On Tuesday, in an emailed plea to supporters for funds, campaign manager Andrew Kirton said the party had until Friday to raise another $9179 to reach its March target.

“There’s just 179 days until election day. We’re scaling up our campaign right now and talking to more voters, recruiting volunteers, training up our organisers and candidates, and developing our advertisements and digital campaign. ?

“I don’t want to have to put the brakes on any of this work ? but unless we make our monthly target, that’s what I’ll have to do.”

But on Thursday afternoon, he stepped up the pressure, saying that since Tuesday’s appeal, much of that shortfall had been made up, but there was still a way to go.

“If we don’t reach our target, I’ll have to make some tough calls over the weekend and work out what we scale back. I’d rather not put this election campaign at risk,” he said, alongside a link for supporters to click on to make a donation.

“Unlike our opponents, who have huge financial backing from the big end of town, we rely on thousands of generous supporters like you chipping in what they can to build our campaign fund. And we really value your contributions ? I assure you that every dollar donated is spent carefully,” he said.

Kirton said the March target of $9179 was the real figure, but he would not disclose the monthly total he was seeking.

“That would be telling.”

But he said it was “not linear” as people gave more as the election drew closer.

He said the party was doing better than in the past and was in a healthy position, but there were some campaign plans they had not yet raised the funds for ? hence the plea.

What a bunch of retards.

This is what happens when you have a dip-shit with a funny looking face for a leader, a drop kick for a president and a talent pool so shallow a bird bath is deeper.

But what sort of fool tells everyone via email that they have no cash and are going to have to dial back their campaigning?

I wonder if Pete might like to lease Begging Bowl kitty to Labour



– Fairfax