Perhaps the Police should form a political party

The Police are becoming political activists. They are lobbying to have guns that were previously legal removed from owners, and they are lobbying to have drinking laws changed.

They have, however, gone a step too far by using a scumbag who killed someone when he was pissed to lay blame on pubs serving alcohol after midnight.

Police have recruited a?former Navy sailor who killed a?stranger?with a punch?to the head to testify of the dangers of?late night bars.

Grenville McFarland, 30, was jailed for the manslaughter of Tarun?Asthana, who?he killed with a blow to the head in November 2013.

Police approached McFarland to give?evidence to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority that?bars should close earlier to prevent similar tragedies.

Why are the Police using a convicted killer to push their increasing nanny statism over alcohol? This guy clearly doesn’t accept responsibility for his offending. Instead, he is blaming others.

Worse, the Police are forcing the victims of his crime to have to listen to his mewling.

But Asthana’s?mother?Yvette said McFarland should take responsibility for his actions rather than blame?late night opening hours.

Yvette Asthana said:?”He?has to learn to take ownership for his actions. He?absolutely should take responsibility for his actions. I pray that he?takes ownership.”

She said she missed her son every day.?”It’s three years since my boy passed.?Tarun?was?very much a gentleman.”

Tarun’s?friend Eddie Lo, who works in the hospitality industry, said closing times were irrelevant in?Tarun’s death.

“Maybe he would have been in a different place, and?maybe?Tarun?would be alive (but)?it’s not about the opening hours, it’s about New Zealand’s drinking culture,” he said.

“My professional opinion is very simple. You?can’t?blame alcohol. You blame the choices you make.”

The Police have become professional wowsers. And now they are heaping pain upon the victims of an awful crime and criminal.

Thousands of people drink responsibly, perhaps more so than when Mike Bush was convicted of drink driving 30 years ago.

I would hope that the Police Minister would have a come to Jesus meeting with Commissioner Bush. Perhaps it could be at breakfast then she can throw her eggs at him instead of the staff.


– Fairfax