Phil Goff’s bed tax in jeopardy

Phil Goff’s bed tax proposal is in tatters after last week, it’s just that no one knows about his major setback, especially Desley Simpson who even posted a video in support of the proposal.

It became apparent last Monday that Goff doesn’t have the numbers to pass his bed tax proposal despite the big push in media and from councillors like Desley Simpson. ?

As you can see from the?Facebook post above, Phil Goff has no understanding of basic economics. Hotel rates always go up around events because there is excess demand over supply. That is the market working as intended, self-regulating?a shortage of supply.

Events such as that are rare?and no normal run of the mill business. For him to base his plans to tax that sector as a result, shows what a fool he is.

It is now obvious to everyone except Blind Freddy, Phil Goff and Desley Simpson that they don’t have the numbers to pass it. You have to wonder then why Simpson paraded herself in support of it. She is normally more politically astute than that.

Goff’s firm definite supporters are himself, Bill Cashmore, Ross Clow, Alf Filipaina, Efeso Collins, John Walker, Desley Simpson, and maybe Richard Hills. That’s only eight votes out of 21 councillors. He’s a long way from garnering support to tax the accommodation sector to pay for his boondoggles.

Making stuff ups like that?and aligning herself to Phil Goff isn’t going to help her inevitable mayoral campaign in two and half years time.

Goff for his part has been very quiet, he’s trying to work out how to put the blame on the government and try to guilt them into acting. It’s worked with the rail loop and now the light rail to the airport…he might yet get Paula Bennett?to cave in, especially if he can get Desley to whisper in Peter’s ear about it.