Phrase of the Day: electric car penetration

More than 3000 are now registered in New Zealand.

The government hopes to double its fleet of electric vehicles annually, and achieved this last year with 1513 registrations.

This was well ahead of Australia’s figure of 220 EV registered there last year.

However statistics show electric car penetration was still just scratching the surface.

NZTA figures state there were almost 3.2 million passenger cars and vans registered in total, as of last December.

It’s a bit of a farce when the majority of registrations are due to central and local government who are too busy virtue signalling to look at the cost effectiveness versus a standard model.

And then they shamelessly quote the ?numbers to show the enthusiasm for the concept by the general population.

I tell you what. ?Once all crown cars are running on electricity, I’ll look into it.