Pie in the face for Feminist bake sale

I do enjoy a nice slice of Karma, especially when it is smothered in cream. A university feminism society thought that it was a good idea to discriminate against men in order to push their message that overall women are paid less than men but their message was not well received.

The gender pay gap argument is inherently dishonest as a woman who has the same degree as a man and who stays in the workforce the same amount of time, in the same career will earn the same amount. There is no such thing as a female pay scale and a male pay scale. A male that gives up his career to stay home raising his children will earn the same amount when he returns to the workforce as a woman who was in the exact same situation as him when she left work to raise a family.

A university feminism society is being accused of discrimination and reported for hate crime after it charged men more for cakes at a bake sale to reflect the gender pay gap.

The University of Essex Feminist Society asked women to pay 82p (US$1) per baked good while men were charged ?1 at the fundraising event.

Flyers and posters advertising the bake sale were distributed throughout the campus, stating that ?the average woman earns 18 percent less than men.?

The event sparked a complaint to the university?s Hate Incident Reporting Center, according to the Sun. The event also faced a backlash on social media, with some branding the bake sale as hypocritical and discriminatory.

One Facebook user wrote: ?Millions of men were FORCED to die for our country for simply being male (also in many countries men are still forced into the military) while women got to stay home but women get cheaper cakes because they?re treated ?unfairly??

?There is no gender pay gap. It?s just a myth with no evidence,? he added.

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