My polite e-mail to the Cameron pool in Mount Roskill was blocked for Profane content

To my great surprise, my e-mail to the Cameron Pool in Mount Roskill to ask them some questions about their Muslim Women’s swimming lessons was blocked for profane content. I can only assume that Whaleoil is considered a profane word or perhaps that their profanity filter has submitted to Sharia law like their segregated swimming lessons. Have a read of my e-mail and see if you can spot the profanity.


I write for Whaleoil, New Zealand’s largest and most popular new media site.

I have written a response to the Herald article about your Muslim Women’s swimming classes and I have a?second article that will be published tomorrow 10 am that I have attached for your information.

Mount Roskill brings segregation and apartheid to public pools in New Zealand

I have a few questions for Pool management:

1. If the swimming class is truly inclusive of all women and is for all women why have you called it, Muslim Women’s swimming class?

2. If this enforced gender segregation is for religious reasons of modesty then why do you not allow Muslim female swimmers to wear burkinis at public swimming lessons where all New Zealanders are welcome to take part?

3. How does gender segregation and apartheid of swimmers assist immigrants in integrating into a society that does not segregate the sexes in public places?

4. Have you considered the long-term effects of creating a policy that enforces Islamic values inside a public space? In other countries, gender segregation is being agitated for inside Western Universities, schools and elsewhere by Muslim citizens and immigrants.

5. Inside Islamic countries, they provide no special public spaces or services for non-Muslim citizens or immigrants. Why are you making a special exception for this religion when nowhere in New Zealand has this kind of exception been made for any other religion or cultural group?

6. Will trans women be welcome at these swimming lessons for Muslim women?

7. Will non-Muslim women in bikinis be welcome at these swimming lessons for Muslim women or will they be slut-shamed?

8. Will Jewish women be welcome and feel safe at these swimming lessons for Muslim women or will they face open hostility?

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards
Juana Atkins

It has occurred to me that although I am raising public awareness by writing about the segregation on Whaleoil that is not enough to effect change. If I was a leftie I would have the MSM ?e-mailing?both the pool management and the council, putting their feet to the fire asking why are they allowing this to happen? With that in mind, on Sunday I e-mailed the two councillors responsible for Mount Roskill, Christine Fletcher and Cathy Casey. To Ms Fletcher’s credit, I received a reply the same day. She said that she was unaware of the situation and that she would ask for clarification first thing Monday morning and would get back to me with a response.

We all know that if a Christian immigrant group was asking for and receiving discriminatory treatment separate from the general public at a public swimming pool the Media would be squealing like a pig and the council would not allow it. Everyone is too scared of being called racist or Islamophobic to challenge Islamic cultural Jihad when it occurs which is why I put on my big girl pants and asked these questions:

Does the council support Islamic values being enforced inside a publicly funded space?

Does the council support sexual segregation in response to demand from immigrants who are unable or unwilling to accept New Zealand’s equality laws and values?

Does the council think that Islamic demand for modesty for Muslim women could be satisfied without enforcing sexual segregation in a publically funded space?

Does the council recognise that by allowing this exception to be made for one religion and one culture but not for any other religion or culture in New Zealand’s history, the pool is giving Muslim immigrants special and discriminatory services above every other immigrant cultural and religious group to New Zealand?

Is the council concerned that swimming lessons that we are told are for all women are described by the pool as swimming lessons for Muslim women?

Is the council concerned that members of the public will see these lessons as discriminatory against non-Muslim women and sexual/ gender apartheid/segregation?

Is the council satisfied that non-Muslim women will able to join the lessons if they wear bikinis or if they are Trans women or Jewish women?