[POLL] Do you care about Key’s farewell speech?

From hero to Mr 2 per cent. The story of John Key’s departure from politics is almost as remarkable as his extraordinary rise.

One day he was at the top of his game, cruising to a fourth term, and still surprisingly popular for a third time prime minister. Within weeks of his bombshell about stepping down, Key is barely rating in the preferred prime minister stakes. A distant memory and he hasn’t left Parliament yet.

To be honest, I feel somewhat let down. ?He could have delivered an easy fourth term for National and then stepped away. ? But that’s the cold fish that he is. ?He may be personable and approachable, but he didn’t get where he is today by not being able to be stone hearted and brutal when the occasion calls for it. ?

Key finally bows out of Parliament next week. His valedictory will be a must watch, televised live on a big screen in the ballroom sized hall where he is holding his final soiree, an invitation only event.

Key’s time in Parliament has been relatively short compared to most leaders – just 15 years. But there won’t be any shortage of material for his valedictory – turbulence almost became the norm during Key’s time in power.

Must watch?

Let’s see what Whaleoil readers think.


– Tracey Watkins, Stuff