The Poms should tell the Argies to get stuffed

The Argies are rattling empty sabres again over the Falkland Islands.

This time they are telling off the Brazilians.

Argentina has lodged a protest with Brazil for hosting British military aircraft flying to and from the Falkland Islands. ?

Argentina?s government said the Royal Air Force made 18 flights between the Falklands and airports in Brazil over the last two years. Buenos Aires called them a breach of agreements among South American countries.

The Argentinian foreign ministry said in a statement it was ?concerned? about six flights last year and 12 in 2015. The ministry said it had requested an explanation from Brazil?s government, reminding it of that country?s commitment ?to not allow British airplanes or warships based in the disputed archipelagos?.

?The Brazilian foreign ministry reaffirmed its support to our country on this issue and said that it was unaware of these flights,? the Argentinian statement said.

Brazil?s foreign ministry had no immediate comment on the issue.

If they do comment it should be “Vete a la mierda“, but they’d probably use Portuguese and say “V? se foder” which is the same thing.

The Argentinians can’t get over how they got pasted in the Falklands War.

Their navy is inoperable, their soldiers march backwards almost as fast as the French and they can’t project power. Their threats and posturing can safely be ignored.