Prime Minister, there’s a call for you, it’s a guy called Darryl Kerrigan

Bill English thinks he can talk Donald Trump back into the TPP:

Engaging help from larger economies in Asia to try and change the trade direction and policy of the United States is a focus for the Government, the Prime Minister says.

Speaking at a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise breakfast ahead of the final day’s play at?the New Zealand Open, Prime Minister?Bill English?told about 80 mostly Asian business delegates?the Government was “aiming to have discussions” with larger economies countries like China,?about how best to?”change their [US] mind on the?direction” of their trade policy. ?

“The one factor that we are?concerned?about is whether the discussion about trade in the US turns into real?projectionism.

“These other countries in the Asia-Pacific that benefit from trading with the?World’s largest economy can [hopefully] try and talk the US round a bit … because it could be pretty negative for us,” English said after the meeting.

“We want to find a way ahead with the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) now that the US has pulled out …?that will be a bit of a challenge.”

US?President Donald Trump?formally withdrew from the 12-nation trade pact in January.

English had previously said?New Zealand would?need to work with other countries if the US walked?away from the TPP.

Prime Minister, there’s a call for you, it’s a guy called Darryl Kerrigan.

While he’s on the?phone with him he should ask how much a jousting stick is worth.


– Fairfax