Proof that nothing is ever free

Schools are asking people who might help out in the future to register now so they can be vetted by police before a new charge comes in later this year.

A Ministry of Education bulletin to schools advises the charge – almost $10 per person – will be applied later this year, with confirmation of timing to come but not before July 1.

A law change last year cleared the way for police to recover costs for certain “demand” services, including the 500,000 security vetting applications received each year.

The Government says the fee for each application is much lower than overseas charging, which is more than $50 in Australia.

There will also be exemptions for businesses and other organisations – including schools – making 20 or fewer vetting request per year.

Charitable trusts would not be charged any fees, and they can be waived for organisations facing “extreme hardship” or in cases of exceptional circumstances.

However, Lynda Stuart, president of education union NZEI, said the vetting charge would be another additional cost on schools and in many cases a significant one.

“Principals, teachers and support staff fully support any measures that are going to keep our children safe. But schools and ECE services need more money to meet these extra costs.

“It is a considerable cost. There are only two areas you can get any flexibility from [to reduce costs] – and that’s your support staff and cutting their hours, or your curriculum resources. Those are the only areas it can come from, and that directly impacts on children.”

Some schools are already warning their community about the impending charges.

Someone pays. ?Either the police pays, or the education system pays, or the parents pay.

Want to volunteer at camp? Then please pay $10 vetting charge yourself. Problem solved.


– NZ Herald