Proof positive that the word “European” is seen as racist in any setting

Yesterday a new European student association appeared on Facebook and the MSM pounced on it boots and all despite the page only being live less than 20 hours. The way the Auckland University European Association was shut down due to threats inspired a number of people on social media to start talking about setting up their own clubs inside their educational institutions all over New Zealand. The first educational group to do so was AUT. Immediately they were forced to defend themselves from accusations of racism despite their inclusive wording, imagery and slogan. It is clear that the only word that has triggered the critics is the word ‘ European.”

We’re not racist’ claims new European student association

AUT European Students Association’s Latin motto translates as, “Build better communities through understanding others.”

…Only days after Auckland University European Students Association was labelled racist and forced to disband, members from the defunct group have set up shop at nearby AUT University.

[redacted], 19, said … AUT European Students Association “isn’t racist” but doesn’t mind using a?proactively?similar name.

What else should they be forced to call themselves? No one expects the Asian club to call themselves’s something else so why should a European club be asked why they used a “similar name” when the name describes the cultures that the club is all about?

…”We’ve already received?some backlash from students and people we promoted [the association] to, some members of the public think we are being a racist group.”

AUT masters student Sarah?Batkin is one of those complaining about [redacted]’s group.

Altered -screenshot Whaleoil

Sarah Batkin who clearly is of European decent (with her milky white complexion) questioned the intentions of the new AUT European Students Association and was so triggered by their very existence that she tweeted…

Back up the truck Sarah. The group has done NOTHING wrong. Their imagery, slogan and wording is inclusive yet the word “European” made you go running to the Diversity office? Who is responsible for making you so suspicious of anything to do with European culture?

In the age of hard-right US president Donald Trump, she has “similar concerns about this group as I did with the [Auckland university group], Batkin, 23, said.

“Their message may not be overtly racist, homophobic, Islamophobic etc, but I question the intentions of a group of this nature.

Not overtly? It is not even covertly any of those things. The first group was condemned for what it might do and this group is being condemned because of what its intentions might be.

“Other students have come to me with similar concerns and concerns about the ideologies that the founder of the group has.

“I don’t see it as being purely coincidental that these groups have been created in such close proximity of one another.”

Of course, there is no co-incidence. The shutting down of Free speech at the Auckland University campus has spawned a backlash of students who are determined to stand up for Free Speech. By forming this group they have forced the critics to reveal what they really are. The first group was condemned for its slogan and the Celtic symbols which were used as a justification for smearing them as Fascists. This group has been very careful to make their intentions crystal clear yet they have still been attacked. What does this tell us about their critics? Are the critics the real racists in this scenario?

…”We’re not a group that excludes people, we’re trying to educate people on European cultures, …nothing else”.

The?AUT European Students Association plans to meet up once a week to study?a European culture or ethnicity and eat food from that identity, he said.

So far about 20 people have joined the group. [Redacted] estimates there’s a “60/40 split” between those from European cultures and non-European ones.

Several of the group are multi-lingual including one Mandarin speaker, he said.