The public are cottoning on to something National have been driving as a strategy

National picked up a long time ago that Andrew Little instinctively opposes everything that National says or does. ?He does it with such reliability that National have slowly been driving Labour into a corner. ?It’s been doing it by picking policy positions close to Labour’s. ?Little then goes to the extreme in his opposition of it, and leaves himself no room to come back to even his own party’s prior stance.

Little has done this so much now that he’s out of room. ?Hence his statement he’s taking Labour “back to the middle”.

This would be an interesting move if it wasn’t for what he chose to compromise on: ?core Union policy that have always been non-negotiable bottom lines. ? Minimum wage and the Living wage.

The man is a political retard, and National are just toying with him. ? It wouldn’t be so bad if he actually took advice. ?But you know how it is when?you know everything…

What I find especially enlightening is that Little taking Labour back to the middle is a tacit acknowledgement that Labour had been taken to the left. ? And it also admits that at least Andrew now sees this as something that can’t win him an election.

I don’t think Andrew and his Union puppeteers will no longer believe in being hard left. ?Instead, they are trying to soften their stance in public in the chase for those elusive votes this September.