Racist University posters: Co-incidence or design?

SUPPLIED White supremacist posters appeared on Auckland University campus on Monday morning.

Remember the recent racist poster scandal at Auckland University? Some of us speculated on who was behind them and how convenient it was that a Fascist group appeared out of nowhere mere days after an anti-Fascist rally flopped due to low attendance and rain.

Now in what can only be described as a copycat incident, racist posters have been found pasted around a University in Minnesota.



The Diversity Leadership Council at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, admitted that they had posted racist flyers around campus that called for a ?White America.?
An Adolphus College alumna posted a photo of the poster to her Facebook page, expressing concern over the presence of such a message on campus.

…After the posters were brought to the attention of Adolphus College Dean Jones VanHecke, he claimed that they were posted around the college as a part of an effort by the school?s Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) to increase awareness of the realities of bigotry on campus.

The flyers were ?part of a series of educational ?invisible theater? events taking place this week that have been planned by I Am We Are theater troupe, theDiversity Leadership Council, and the Bystander Intervention Committee,? VanHecke claimed.
?I cannot thank you enough for the action that you have taken by filing a report and making sure that the incident was brought to the attention of the college,? VanHecke continued, saying that taking action ?as a bystander demonstrates that Gustavus students care about each other and their collegiate environment and are willing to take a stand against hate and bias.?

The Diversity Leadership Council also published a statement taking ownership of the flyer campaign. They claim that they ?posted these signs? in ?an effort to help educate [their] peers and campus community about issues of bias, and the importance of being an active bystander.?


Having to create racist posters to stimulate discussion about racism kind of proves the point that there isn’t white racism against coffee coloured people at that University. The fact that the posters at both universities framed white people as being the racists illustrates a nasty bias against white people. Once again the narrative from academics and student activists is that only white people can be racist and that only coffee coloured people can be victims of racism. How does that narrative make these Universities a ” safe space” for white people? How does that narrative protect white people’s feelings? Why is it okay to offend white people? Why is it okay to unfairly judge and stigmatise people for the colour of their skin?

It seems to me that?the Diversity Leadership Council are guilty of everything that they claim to abhor. Their little experiment risked creating an atmosphere of anger and distrust towards the white students attending their university. If a similar poster had been put up maligning coffee-coloured students those responsible would have been expelled.