How Radio NZ gets their “news”

Radio NZ and John Campbell ran a story on Friday about school pools:

An Auckland school says it has to dip into its capital funding to maintain its school pool.

The Ministry of Education said about 60 percent of New Zealand schools had pools.

Ministry associate deputy secretary for early learning and student achievement Pauline Cleaver said those 1300 schools got extra funding as part of their annual property maintenance grant. Schools could use their capital funding to maintain their pools.

Glen Innes School principal Jono Hendricks said the extra money was nowhere near the $8000 to $10,000 annual costs.

His decile one school had not received any pool-specific funding since 2015. It was struggling to keep the facility open. ?

“Before, they would have given you a monetary allocation for having a pool onsite. That has been removed as late as 2015.”

“[It] is unfortunate because the onus then falls back on us to find that money within our operation grant … not only for the pool, but also the rest of the academic programme.”

Mr Hendricks said while having a pool came at a cost of resourcing other areas, his 219 pupils were better off with a pool on site.

“The kids who are regular with their training, they come in and they get some extra time just to either work on their strokes or just relax or in some cases it’s just play time. We have a facility, why not give them every chance to use it?” he said.

You may wonder where they get these stories from. Wonder no more:

‘Save our Schools’ is a union friendly bunch of miserable whining teachers who agitate and bully. It also appears they work hand in glove with John Campbell and Radio NZ.

And these pricks accuse me of dirty politics.

So, if you see stories like this being pushed by media there is a good chance that the story is being pimped by politicians or vested interests like unions.

Checkpoint used to have some integrity…until John Campbell arrived in front of the microphone.