Rapist won’t be deported. What chance do we have with Dotcom then?

A man who raped a sleeping woman at a party, and who has a conviction for passport fraud, has won his appeal against deportation to India.

Tajinder Paul Singh was 29 when he was jailed for six years for the rape at a neighbour’s party in Christchurch.

The Immigration and Protection Tribunal suspended his deportation liability for five years, meaning he will not be deported if he does not commit an imprisonable offence in that time.

“In all the circumstances, the tribunal finds that, to the extent the appellant continues to present a risk, this is outweighed by the public interest in keeping the appellant’s family together in New Zealand,” its ruling said.

The tribunal heard his 3-year-old son was unable to go to pre-school because his wife has become too unwell to take him.

It ruled, in a decision from last September that has just been released, that she and their son could not reasonably be expected to relocate to India and their best interests were in him being allowed to remain.

Well played.

Rape and passport fraud, but won’t you think of his 3 year old child who can’t get to kindy.

I despair at how easy a mark this country is for the dishonest and unproductive, while the hard working and law abiding have no end of trouble with all sorts of government interference.