At this rate Christchurch will have another major earthquake before it gets a cathedral

via ODT

Figures show the government spent $443,400 on a working group looking at the restoration of the quake damaged Christ Church Cathedral, but its fate has still not been agreed upon.

In December 2015, the Anglican Church and the government announced a working group would be set up to break the impasse between the two parties.

The group’s five appointed members Steve Wakefield, Roger Bridge, Geoff Dangerfield, Sue McKenzie and Alasdair Cassels met for the first time in June last year.

Information released to RNZ under the Official Information Act found nearly half of the costs associated with the Christ Church Cathedral Work Group – $212,700 – was spent on consultants, including engineers and architects.

The group reported back to Christchurch Rebuild Minister Gerry Brownlee with a way forward in December but the two parties are still in a deadlock.

Just short of a half a million dollars to talk, look, report, talk, look, report and still get nowhere.

It’s time the taxpayer is off the hook for this. ? It’s a privately owned building on private land owned by the Anglican church.

I have a better idea. ?Preserve?it exactly as it is. ?Secure it. ?Quake proof it. ?But essentially preserve the way it looks now. ?It will remain a monument to the city, to the quake, to the dead and to the Heart of Christchurch.

But this open-ended process where we just pour more free money into it has to stop.